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Phil Tuccy
Phone: 941-527-7823
Email: ptuccy@insurancegroupconsulting.com
Client Endorsements
Starting my agency took time, intense attention and resources. Like starting any business, there were unforeseen hurdles and challenges that had to be overcome. I stumbled upon Phil Tuccy, the Owner of Insurance Group Consulting purely by happenstance.  It was the single greatest moment in the early months of my agency development. Phil got us access to carriers that we never would have been able to approach and he did it all with such kindness and professionalism. He is truly a stand-up guy.

Jacob King
Trusted Insurance Partners

I was a captive agent for several years but really wanted to start my own agency.  My opportunity
finally presented itself but I found many more roadblocks to overcome than I had ever imagined or
anticipated.  Obviously one of the biggest problems was in getting carrier appointments.  I met with
several carriers’ reps who gave me flat-out rejections, based on viewing me as a total start-up agency, although I had fairly extensive experience as a P&C agent and management expertise. 
Some of the carriers referred me to aggregators who in-turn told me they were not interested in a new agency without an existing book of business.

Thankfully, one of the aggregators referred me to Phil Tuccy, the Owner of Insurance Group Consulting, LLC.  Phil gave me the guidance I needed to address the obstacles.  He made recommendations for me and we bounced ideas back and forth, to explore options to help solve my immediate problems, He also helped me to develop a great written marketing plan that helped me acquire the appointments that I needed.  I could not have done it without his help and guidance!  I now feel confident that I will succeed thanks in great part to Phil’s help and guidance.  He was a life saver on days I felt I might drown!  I will always be grateful for his assistance and would refer him to anyone who is struggling with the problems associated with starting an agency. 

Kelly F Smith
Agency Owner
AA Insurance Consultants, Inc
Port Richey, FLorida

I approached Phil because I was in the process of starting an agency from scratch and needed the guidance and expertise that it appeared Insurance Group Consulting might be able to provide.  Phil assisted by showing me how to navigate through many of the challenges I faced in starting my agency, including how to obtain access to the carriers I needed.  He also helped me with location selection and useful marketing ideas. Thanks to Phil’s help, I am now well-positioned and will be opening my agency by year-end 2016.  One particular thing that I like about Phil is his sincere approach and efforts.  I recommend him to anyone who needs property & casualty markets acquisition assistance.   

John T
Agency Principal
Tampa FL  

I have owned a group health agency in Tampa since 2003. When healthcare reform drastically reduced my commissions, I decided to start a P&C division. The problem was that I had no clue how to get started. Phil Tuccy helped me develop a business plan, find ways to access the markets and coached me on how to grow my business. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Phil’s knowledge and expertise. If you are looking to start a P&C operation, Phil is the person to help you make it happen.

Joe Stagliano, President
Superior Benefits, Inc.
Tampa, Florida

When I think of a way to describe Phil Tuccy, the first word that comes to my mind is professional.  Phil is first and foremost, an experienced insurance professional.  He has the knowledge, experience, expertise and an impressive network of other professionals that call him an associate or friend.  When we were forming our agency, "Phil Tuccy" was a name that was referred to us early on.  We are so thankful that we reached out to him for some advice and guidance.  He was able to give some great advice in securing markets and helped to get our business off to a good start.   As our business continues to grow, I know that someday I will look back at those people that were instrumental to our success.  Phil’s name will definitely be among them. We couldn’t have done it without him.  Not only is he a smart guy, he is also a really good guy and that is extremely important to me.

Kelly Engelhart, CLCS, PLCS

“Have you ever met someone in your life and thought to yourself, ‘I feel like I’ve known them forever?’ Well, that’s how my first interaction was with Phil. I obtained his information from an insurance message board and reached out to him for his expertise and advice. I was looking to reenter the insurance world and was in need of some direction. Phil has provided me with constructive feedback, marketing plan information and unbelievable brainstorming conversations. I’d recommend him any day of the week.”

Chanté Owens
P&C Commercial Insurance Broker
Denver, Colorado

I have known Phil for over twenty years, when he worked for Selective Insurance Company and then the Iroquois Group. Not only was Phil helpful with his insurance industry knowledge but he also brought a high energy level with an attention to detail, dependability and follow-up that set him apart from others.

E. Larry Sanders, III CPIA, CIC
Edward L. Sanders Insurance Agency, Inc.
La Plata, Maryland

I worked with Phil Tuccy for eight years and could always rely on his support in finding the best markets for me and my agency. He is a hard-working, dependable professional. I can confidently recommend Phil as an excellent source for information and services in the property & casualty insurance industry.

Theresa Carney, President
Monteagle Insurance Agency
Cape Coral, Florida

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