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Social Media Alternatives

If you like to network through social media settings like LinkedIn and Facebook, there are other newer sites that you might want to consider also.  For example, it might be possible to get better access to your sales & marketing interests – even closer to your designated industry – by exploring a free membership in

I just joined and intend to check-out the viability of the features.   It was recommended to me by an “astute friend” friend, so I have the feeling that it will be interesting and useful for my purposes.  I am told that with, it is easy to locate people like myself (…although my Wife contends that I am truly one of a kind…) with common interests and needs.

I am looking at a couple of other ones and will do brief reviews on them in due time.  However, for the present, I will give a little time to sink-in.  It looks pretty straight-forward.


Websites for Insurance Agents – Designed by Insurance Agents

In my discussions and dealings with agents who are looking to start their own agencies or acquire additional markets and useful services for their existing agencies, I often hear them tell me that their web-designer either does not understand their needs or reacts slowly to their required updates.

I am not saying that all non-insurance web-design entities fail in this area.  However I know that one insurance agent almost always best understands the needs of another in this area.  Agents understand one another’s needs.

Toward that end, at the Florida Insurance Agents (FAIA) Annual Convention in Orlando, I recently met an insurance agent who provides web design and upgrade services to other insurance agents, along with social media marketing services.

If you are interested in exploring her services, She is Amberlee Easterwood and can be reached at :

I also discovered that Amber has an Insurance Blog specifically focused on educating consumers about the importance of understanding the need to have adequate coverage. If you need free content of this nature for your social media accounts, feel free to share her blog posts with your clients and prospects!