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Social Media Marketing – Still Daunting for Many

No one will mistake me for an ‘expert’ in utilizing social media marketing.  However I have learned some basic things – by trial & error – that might help others break through their reluctance to try to market their businesses in this manner.

The hardest part for me was trying to decide what platform was best for my needs.  In the beginning most people want to know how to start but are confused with all the information that is being directed to them.   It often “turns them off” and they procrastinate with getting started – time after time.

If this sounds like you, first try one platform only.   Sit down with your staff and ask them this question:  “Where do you think our customers ‘hang-out’?   That is, at which social network are our current clients and prospects most likely to frequent?   This is where you want to start your social media marketing efforts.  Do not pay for placing ads on the network chosen.  Just let people know what you believe you do best.  Look for some local groups with which to affiliate and contribute by commenting on various of their items.  Then grow from there.  Simplify the initial process.  After you and your staff get more familiar with regular activities, you may want to expand or just focus more intently on what makes you most comfortable, as you explore social media marketing.

There is so much there.  Make it as simple as you can.  it is certainly better than doing nothing at all – forever.




Social Media Alternatives

If you like to network through social media settings like LinkedIn and Facebook, there are other newer sites that you might want to consider also.  For example, it might be possible to get better access to your sales & marketing interests – even closer to your designated industry – by exploring a free membership in

I just joined and intend to check-out the viability of the features.   It was recommended to me by an “astute friend” friend, so I have the feeling that it will be interesting and useful for my purposes.  I am told that with, it is easy to locate people like myself (…although my Wife contends that I am truly one of a kind…) with common interests and needs.

I am looking at a couple of other ones and will do brief reviews on them in due time.  However, for the present, I will give a little time to sink-in.  It looks pretty straight-forward.


LinkedIn – More Meaningful Connections

Lately, I am making it a point to ask many people I encounter daily in business settings – both formal and informal – if they are on LinkedIn. Most are and I ask them if I can connect with them after meeting them.  It is an easy way to make more meaningful connections.  Just change the automatic invite message wording to a more personal one, possibly referencing your conversation earlier in the day or mentioning something significant or mutually interesting, that you discussed together.  The chances are that this practice will result in stronger business connections for you.  It has worked well for me.