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Ask Prospects for Help

A very successful commercial insurance producer told me this recently.  He said that when he is on a sales call, particularly a business luncheon, instead of the usual amount of small talk before starting to get down to business, after exchanging a few general pleasantries, he asks his prospects and clients to help him solve a business problem or issue that is current for him.

“Unrelated to our business today, let me take a minute to run this by you.  I’m wrestling with this, to develop a workable solution.  What are your thoughts?”

He said that getting their opinions demonstrates to them that you value their thinking on a matter that you have been considering.  Nothing too deep or serious of course – you certainly don’t want to destroy your main purpose for the meeting – but he said it has really helped him connect with his prospects and clients.  He added that as a valuable side-benefit, he has heard some great ideas that helped him solve some of his outstanding issues.

Marketing Message Simplicity

Recently I was reading an article about the importance of marketing messages and the author made reference to this statement from Albert Einstein:  “If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”   If you don’t understand your business, how can others be expected to do so?

Old Albert knew his way around an equation for sure but it sounds like he was also well aware of other aspects of life.

For we who are involved with marketing – and that is just about everyone, in one way or another – it is important to take the time to prepare your own marketing message.  As Einstein suggests, it needs to be simply stated.  You may only get one chance to relate it to a potential client or business associate who can refer you to clients.

John Jantsch, marketing guru and author of many great business books, including “Duct Tape Marketing”, refers to this part of your marketing message as a “Talking Logo”.   He describes the importance of it as “…a short statement that quickly communicates your firm’s position and forces the listener to know more”.   I like what John has to say.  He himself makes his many useful messages simple but meaningful.

My Talking Logo is:  “I help independent P&C agents get the appropriate markets for their specific needs.  I help them make more money.”   I hope it passes the “Einstein test”.