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Marketing Plan – “Non-Marketing Fluff”

Too often when I am helping an agent update an existing marketing plan, prepared by someone else, I frequently find that they contain a lot of what I refer to as “non-marketing fluff”.  Simply put it is filler that is often used to make the plan look more impressive.  The opposite effect is usually the result.

It is easy to fall blindly in love with statistics, charts and and demographics when preparing a marketing plan.  The most important guide-point to help avoid overuse of such data is to always remember the following two major purposes of a marketing plan.  They are equally important.

For one, an marketing plan is developed to provide direction for an agency’s operations, especially as relates to revenue enhancement and profitable growth.  It is the agency’s map to guide them through the processes that will most probably ensure success.

Secondly, and just as important, a marketing plan is developed to show both your existing carriers and prospective carriers how you are going to attract and write the profitable business that they want from their agency partners.

No one wants to have to swim through a lot of “marketing fluff” to get to the real-life activities that will get you to achievement of your objectives.

Marketing Plan – Strategies – Questions

Within your agency’s marketing plan under the ‘strategies’ section, you need to answer the following questions:   

In what ways will you be attracting business?   Through direct sales approaches – Internet Marketing – Referrals – Cross-selling to existing clients – Mail solicitation, etc.?

Who will conduct which of these activities?  You – Designated staff members – In-house – Third-parties – a Consultant, etc.?   –

Exactly what will be your promoted specialties?  What markets, lines of business or special products?

How are you going to assess progress and measure it?   How often will you check on progress?

What training will be needed?  Who will conduct it?   What forms of delivery might it take?

Consider these questions when you are developing your strategies.  The time to take the efforts to think them through very clearly can pay big dividends for you.  You do not want to operate without these strategies defined within your marketing plan.