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One of my friends mentioned the following last week, when we were meeting with another fellow insurance agent:

“Too many people are learning more and more about less and less today, that will actually be useful tomorrow.”

He was directing it at the other agent, not to criticize her but to just to try to give her some ideas to help her break some old, staid habits and to ‘push the envelope’ a little.  She knows she needs to branch-out into some possibly uncomfortable and unfamiliar territories, to market herself more effectively.  We all need to do it, including myself and my agent friends but she is caught-up with trying to comprehend complicated processes to help her market herself more effectively.   She is really trying but expending a lot of valuable time and effort to form a social media marketing plan, that includes everything out there!   However, she is not willing to break things down into their simplest terms and move forward – one step at a time.  So, she is trying to learn everything before she makes even the first move.   By the time she compiles and organizes her many lists, a lot of the concepts will be ‘out of style’.