Monthly Archives: June 2016

Business & Golf

Especially for people in insurance sales and management roles, there is no doubt that playing golf offers many networking opportunities, especially with existing and potential clients. In fact, that is why some people play golf – It is their sole reason. However, I have always viewed golf as another form of problem-solving and many business people I know enjoy it for that reason in addition to the networking and friendship that inevitably results.

With regard to problem solving, many of those described are used to overcoming obstacles to make the best day-to-day business decisions.  Golf is just an extension of their work in a more open environment.

How am I going to hit the ball over that tree?   What club do i need?  Should I try to go over the lake or avoid it by going around it or playing short of it?  To make sure I don’t hit my ball into that huge bunker, should I play to the opposite side of the green even it will put me very far from the hole?
These are examples of questions that golfers ask themselves throughout a round of golf.  The golf shots they propose and attempt are aimed at solving the problems at-hand.

It is the same type of decision-making environment that business managers face everyday. However, the consequences of making a wrong decision in business is hardly ever more serious that a bad business decision on a golf course…unless, of course, you bet too much with your friends and lost!

From noted creative thinking coach, Michael Gelb:  “Life is a continuous exercise of problem solving.”