Monthly Archives: September 2014

Facebook Frauds

Obviously I am very naive.   I just learned that these two things happen on Facebook quite frequently…

People buy “likes” for their own business pages !

People set up fake Facebook pages to comment back onto their own Facebook content !

It reminds me of when I used to work in an office environment and certain ladies would receive deliveries of flowers and chocolates at work.   Some of us suspected that they ordered the stuff to be sent to themselves !

New LinkedIn Groups

I just formed two new groups on LinkedIn.

One is titled:   P&C Agents & Insurance Network Groups      The purpose of this one is to provide a forum for Insurance Agents and Insurance Network Groups to exchange meaningful and relevant information regarding their respective business needs and interests.

The other is titled:  Insurance Agency Hiring Needs     The purpose of this group is to match insurance agency hiring needs with the appropriate candidates, for consideration.

Members need to be approved but if you have an interest in one or both Groups, apply by requesting to join on the Groups’ LinkedIn pages.


Insurance Agency Network Groups – Questions

They have a lot of names within the P&C world:   Agency Networks, Agency Groups, Clusters, Premium Aggregators, Agency Franchises, etc. They serve a very important role in the P&C industry, in particular. One or more of them could provide a solid base for an agency to succeed. These organizations can be a very viable way for an agency to acquire markets and services that might otherwise be difficult or not likely attainable in this marketplace.

However, when evaluating any of them, you need to ask a number of critical questions.  Believe it or not, here is one that I often see ignored in the course of an agent’s due-diligence process.

Who owns the business that I produce as a member of your Network?   

Obviously this question is critical but I have known agents who have joined Networks without asking for clarification about it and have paid the price, as a result.

Make sure that you are totally clear and comfortable about all of the circumstances regarding ownership of the business before you sign a contract.   Your business future may hang in the balance!